MANCHESTER, UK: Marking their 25th year of providing deceased account care services, Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. announces their first UK client launch of the online deceased notification platform, NotifyNOW. NotifyNOW makes it easier for bereaved individuals to notify multiple companies of their loved ones passing by offering a fully digital deceased notification service. 

NotifyNOW, named one of the top two new tech solutions at the 2021 insideARM Strategy and Tech Conference, offers a free, secure, online solution that allows bereaved individuals and Executors to have one place to digitally enter all the decedent’s account information and upload a death certificate, avoiding a distressingly repetitive process. 

NotifyNOW’s launch coincides with the long-awaited report by the UK Commission on Bereavement, which highlights the need for better solutions to support individuals through bereavement. The report found that 61% of adult respondents had difficulties with at least one practical or administrative task following bereavement. The report sets out a vision for change through principles which include, the need for processes after a death to be made simple and straightforward. As a leading deceased account care provider, Phillips & Cohen proudly leads the way in introducing services to address the very challenges outlined in the report. 

PCA’s partnering client is known for its technological innovation in the UK. Introducing NotifyNOW to customers furthers their goal of making the bereavement journey as easy as possible.

Phillips & Cohen’s new launch supports its global expansion strategy, with The Estate Registry, realising its vision of being a leading technology provider in the compassionate care industry. TER currently provides three innovative solutions, LegacyNOW, NotifyNOW and InheritNOW offering digital, deceased servicing solutions in areas of life planning, executor support and beneficiary support. 

Saima Hassan, Director of Operations, The Estate Registry UK, a Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. company commented, “We’re currently engaging with all our customers to make NotifyNOW the standard for the industry, as we have with PCA and compassionate estate care for the last 25 years. It’s clear that our clients aren’t willing to settle for a simple notification service when their customers deserve so much more. This approach is one of several ways we’re taking a positive lead on the recommendations highlighted in the Bereavement Commissions report, using our market experience to offer enhanced digital solutions to reduce stress in sensitive situations.”

Adam S. Cohen, Co-Chairman/CEO added, “We’re excited to build upon our successful client relationships in a way that significantly improves the deceased notification process for bereaved family members and Executors.  Integral to our forward-thinking strategy, clients recognise that well-built, secure, digital technology can simplify difficult processes and is every family’s prerogative”

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Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. is a specialty receivable management company, providing customized services to creditors in a variety of unique markets, including deceased account management.

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