Debt Settlement

Major creditors rely on Phillips & Cohen Associates to maximise recovery from debtors who are currently engaged with a debt settlement service to consolidate and resolve their obligations. Our extensive relationships with most of the major debt settlement companies result in expedited resolution for our clients at the most favorable negotiated values.

Phillips & Cohen Associates has extensive proprietary databases containing information on debtors who have engaged debt settlement companies to work on their behalf. This knowledge, coupled with our scoring protocols, enables us to cost-efficiently identify active debtors who are in a position to make restitution of overdue debts.

Because of our reputation within the recovery industry and the significant client base we represent, debt settlement companies and consumer law firms frequently respond more quickly to our collection efforts. Debt settlement companies consistently recognize the thoroughness and accuracy of our records as well as the persistence our dedicated agents exercise on behalf of our clients. In many cases, we are able to efficiently exchange portfolio data directly with debt settlement companies and arrange for expedited bulk settlements. For all these reasons, they typically prioritise the obligations owed to our clients and resolve them at the highest possible rates of return.

Phillips & Cohen Associates has the ability to leverage our data-intensive resources, longevity, and relationships within the debt settlement industry to successfully negotiate with debt settlement companies and recover high settlements on behalf of our clients.

Lastly, in those instances when a debtor abandons a debt management program, Phillips & Cohen Associates seamlessly employs comprehensive collection capabilities to resolve outstanding balances.