Phillips & Cohen Associates provides comprehensive debt recovery services for the utility market with special expertise in the sensitive area of deceased account care.  Debts to utility companies can be particularly difficult to recover because of the frequency with which individuals move and the complexity of governing regulations in various jurisdictions.

Early Implementation

We recommend that utility companies implement policies that engage our services early in the debt recovery process to avoid unnecessary costs and reduce eventual losses. This is also particularly important in the case of a deceased account as claims must be timely filed when the estate is probated.

Deceased Account Care

Phillips & Cohen Associates has extensive resources that support cost-effective resolution of outstanding debts. We can begin by reviewing client data files and identifying deceased accounts immediately for specialized handling. These accounts may require the location of probated estates and the filing of appropriate claims to protect clients’ rights. At the same time, our deceased care staff has exceptional training to make respectful approaches to survivors. We are professional in all our interactions and cognizant of the role we play in preserving our clients’ and their brands’ reputations.

Fraud Prevention

Our deceased account care database also plays an important role in limiting fraud involving deceased accounts. By scrubbing account data against our comprehensive databases, utility companies can flag improper usage before it becomes a significant problem.

Recovering Active Debts

Our skiptracing capabilities and access to proprietary databases produce actionable information and measurable recovery results for accounts involving individuals who have simply moved without settling their current debts. We utilise our proven scoring models to handle the high volume, lower balances due that characterise most utility portfolios. These scoring tools are essential for achieving higher ROI for our clients. They maximise recovery while freeing internal resources to concentrate on core functions.

We locate and communicate with consumers using proven techniques and programs that respect your brand while maximising response and collections. We employ mail, live phone, automated interactive voice response, and online payment resources. Phillips & Cohen Associates has the energy and the resources to provide the utility industry with significant recovery results.