Credit Card Solutions

Phillips & Cohen Associates has a proven history of delivering best-in-class results on delinquent credit card portfolios. We serve leading financial corporations with vigor and respectful stewardship of each client’s brand.

Delinquent Credit Card Accounts

With the ability to develop efficient custom solutions — including flexible capabilities allowing us to work off of our clients’ systems, our own systems, or an integrated hybrid of both — we partner closely with each client to develop the most appropriate strategies to meet their needs. 

Whether we are managing a cure or liquidation project, our proprietary scoring models allow us to develop and deploy recovery strategies that maximise returns while protecting our clients’ hard-earned reputations.

Our modeling creates segments and hierarchies based on age and type of debt, geographic location of the debtor, and numerous other factors that contribute to a determination of likelihood for repayment. Scoring metrics help determine our selection of recovery tactics and identify which accounts are the most promising to target, allowing us to structure offers that will result in positive responses.

Our agents are specially trained experts in negotiation, skip tracing, and understanding each distinct portfolio, which translates into measurably superior results. Our personnel understand how to prioritise accounts and have the training to know when to employ alternative resolution strategies that produce the highest returns.

Pre-Litigation and Litigation

Phillips & Cohen Associates also provides pre-litigation collection and litigation management services. Pre-litigation services including analytical contact strategies, deep-dive asset identification, pre- legal talk-offs, pre- legal letter series, and specialised modeling, all of which create the opportunity for parties to avoid expenses associated with litigation while accelerating the legal collection curve for creditors.

We have the necessary experience, expertise, tools, and personnel to help determine the viability of litigation opportunities. Our research capabilities and extensive contacts can often reveal property ownership, employment information, and other assets that make litigation an appropriate option.

We utilise a proprietary and comprehensive network of bonded collection attorneys that approach the collection process with the same intelligence and vigor that we require of our internal staff.

We manage the progress of the litigation, remain in constant contact with the referral attorneys, and provide regular updates to keep our clients informed on our progress. The result is a total solution that cost-effectively allows our clients to track performance via web-based reporting, monitor recovery on judgments, and receive regular and prompt payment.

Business Credit Cards

We provide many of these same services for recovering debts associated with corporate and business credit cards issued to corporate entities, including those that have gone out of business. Our specialised business card/line of credit agents are trained in Article 2A of the UCC as well as the laws regarding personal guarantor. We determine the best way to recover in joint and several liability situations. We have experience identifying, locating, and recovering from any and all responsible parties including the corporation and/or the guarantor at any point in a company’s lifecycle.

Phillips & Cohen Associates provides a single source for every kind of credit card debt recovery. We have a successful track record working with leading creditors year after year, delivering the bottom line results they require in a timely and financially responsible manner.